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About OutWalking

  • Welcome to OutWalking, a likely over-ambitious source of reflection on the true, the good, and the beautiful in the world. (more). . .

Current Reading

Current Listening

  • Paul McCartney -

    Paul McCartney: McCartney III
    I never have gotten used to a poppy McCartney without the bite of John Lennon, but, even allowing for that, the former Beatle can still write, play, and sing. Enjoyable, if underwhelming.

  • Michael Roe -

    Michael Roe: Safe As Milk
    At least one song justifies listening to this 1995 solo release by the 77s frontman and Lost Dogs member: "Ache Beautiful." I just "spin" it over and over and over just to hear its haunting melody.

  • Bruce Springsteen -

    Bruce Springsteen: Letter To You
    If you like Springsteen, you'd like this. It hearkens back to his earlier work.

  • Denison Witmer -

    Denison Witmer: Are You a Dreamer by Denison Witmer
    Love this gentle album. Witmer is reminiscent of The Innocence Mission in his easy melodies and spare instrumentation.

  • The Jayhawks -

    The Jayhawks: xoxo
    A solid effort, the Jayhawks always capture that blend of Americana and pop. This one doesn’t disappoint.

  • Mindy Smith -

    Mindy Smith: Long Island Shores
    Great voice and great folk-tinged songs. Her holiday album, "My Holiday," is one of my favorite Christmas albums, but this is one of my favorite for all-year play.

  • Jill Phillips -

    Jill Phillips: Kingdom Come
    During this time of physical distancing and more, I've not wanted my usual melancholy (singer-songwriter) or happy (Beach Boys) songs. Rather, I gravitate to earthy hymns and praise songs that speak the truth but encourage me to look to God. This is one of my favorites, though you can put the needle down anywhere in Phillips' catalog and do just fine. "Ponder anew what the Almighty can do, if with His love he befriend thee." What a great hymn.