Repentance As Posture
When Jesus Comes


When I was young I had a dream that I suspect most kids had. In my dream, I discovered that I could fly if I waved my arms fast enough and ran fast enough. After all, I had PF Flyers, the latest and greatest athletic shoes (or whatever they called them then) --- that is, before I moved up to Converse.  In the television commercial for the shoes, I seem to recall a kid running, running, running, faster and faster, until he literally lifted off the ground.  It was the same captivating imagery that another generation was enraptured with when viewing ET for the first time: a bicycle that becomes airborne.

I never flew, of course.  After jumping from the second story of my house a few times, off playground slides,  and running and jumping as far and as I could, I always came down.  It's an apt metaphor for life, or what life can be if you let go of a dream.

I don't dream so much of flying anymore, but I do dream.  I try not to close my mind to the whispers of hope and possibility that are just beyond my grasp - for now, anyway.  I try to keep before the idea that life is pregnant with possibility. Like Robert Browning once said, "a man's reach should exceed his grasp," yet so often as time goes by and we grow older, we stop reaching, stop dreaming.

My son literally flies.  When I watch his video below, it gives me the sense that anything is possible.  I can rise above the valley of complacency and see  a larger landscape, green with new ideas, one which like flying a plane is disciplined by the techniques of flight and yet therein open to new terrain.  Watching him soar, I think I might just do something.

I might even write a book.  Move to Africa.  Run for public office.  Become a rock star (just kidding, gladly gave that dream up after being in the music business).  What about you?

Watch this and see what you think and how you feel.  Let me know you're a kindred spirit by liking his Facebook page here.  Keep dreaming. Fly.