A New Season of House Concerts: Geoghegan, Sparks, Paquette, and McCracken
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Sara Beth Geoghegan Featured in World Magazine

Sarabeth My feature article on singer-songwriter Sara Beth Geoghegan has been published in World Magazine here.  However, if you are not a subscriber, check this link for the full version, as only subscribers get the full version of the article.  I was pleased to publish in World as, besides the article title and subtitle, they did nothing to change what I wrote.

Sara Beth is, of course, about more than you can squeeze into 650 words.  For you local readers, that's why I encourage you to check her out in concert at our home in Raleigh on Friday, September 18th at 8:00.  Meet 50 new (or old) friends at the same time.  It should be a good party!  Find more information on the concert and Sara Beth and reserve a seat here.