The God-Haunted Poems of Franz Wright: A Review of "God's Silence"
The Bent World: A Review of "The Used World," by Haven Kimmel

When I Dreamed I Was Lost

Opening the door, an
Innuit woman, drawn &
sullen, looks me over.

Warmth, smoke, and
searching eyes meet
mine, questioning, perhaps

curious how a mainlander
is here, a place just a
smudge on rock and water

barely noticed.  I am lost.
Throwing down my bags I
drop in a chair and a woman at the bar

meets my eyes, draws me
in, begins to take down
my meager defenses.  Only I

know her, recognize the
eyes, wince at the
world-gone-wrong kept there.

Van Morrison's on the radio,
singing "I can hear her heartbeat
from a thousand miles away,"

away. Huddled here, another
lost soul,  I mouth the words to
my empty glass ---

please "make me righteous
make me whole," give me that
"crazy love."  I'm lost.