Life On the Edge (Day 34): Rest, Again
Once: A Movie About What We Really Want

Life On the Edge (Day 35): Living Words

WordsFor many children their first introduction to letters is the wooden alphabet blocks that they play with for hours on the floor. Though their first interaction with words is the spoken words of (usually) their parents, their introduction to letters is through something as tangible , tactile, and three dimensional as blocks, something they can touch and feel, something with height, depth and width. From these "building blocks" they progress to words, sentences, paragraphs, and stories, and though the words they later have read to them and then read to themselves have the appearance of two-dimensionality, most readers know that the realities they point to (because all words point outside themselves) are three-dimensional and even four-dimensional if you add the element of time. That is, they point to a greater reality than what appears on the page, an imagined reality that may even change over time.

In part, it's this experience we have when we read Scripture. We are told that the Word is "God-breathed" (2 Tim. 3:16), "living," and "sharp as a two-edged sword." Presented with a scroll of prophecy, the Apostle John was told to "[t]ake it and eat it" (Rev. 10:9-11). These are but some examples of the way Scripture --- a book of words --- is presented as having height, depth, and width, of being tangible. The Bible is a talking book, a looking-glass showing us more about ourselves, God, and reality as we read it. Illumined by the Holy Spirit, imbued with the life of God, this is no ordinary book but really is the breath of God for us, our very life. It is, as A.W. Tozer says, "the inevitable outcome of God's continuous speech."

This "continuous speech" of God is not limited to the words of Scripture but is also filling Creation. Memories carry the Word of God for us as we see the providential hand of God in our lives. Creation points to God as well. The heavens "declare," "pour forth speech," and "proclaim," and "[t]heir voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world" (Ps. 19). There's not a thing outside my window that isn't being used by God to "pour forth speech," to get my attention and teach me about Him.

Come to think of it, there's not a thing out my window that's ordinary, not a word in the Bible not speaking to me. I just need to better listen.