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Wide Angle Radio (Episode Five)

skat Intense alternative folk rock.  That's how the website CD Baby refers to the music of Skatman Meredith.  I think it's accurate.  Skat (whose real name is David Meredith), was only the fourth artist I signed to Silent Planet Records and the first artist (make that person) I had ever met who lived in Delaware.  (Do you know anyone who lives in Delaware?)  Not only that, he lived in a tiny town called Hockessin, the name of which has stuck in my mind since I met him ten years ago. 

Skat is honest, generous (when I met him he was giving CDs away at concerts, something more practical in these times than in those times), funny, and laid back --- an extremely easy person to work with.  On this episode of Wide Angle, in an interview with John Fischer, you'll hear that honesty from a guy who has had struggles but remains hopeful.  We were hanging out with John Fischer and Skat in the high desert air of Santa Fe, New Mexico, in February 2000, where we had a blast doing the interview, visiting Folk Alliance, and hiking the countryside.  I haven't seen Skat in years, but I still regard it as a privilege to have known and worked with him on two fine records --- The Garden and Mercyside (both of which can be purchased in the Silent Planet store in the sidebar).

Skat, wherever you are, thanks.

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