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How I'm Spending My Summer: An Update on Pending Projects

Though you well know that I have had a vacation this Summer (one that seems a distant memory now), I have been working on some other projects as well.  Here's an update on what is happening:

Ruth_graham_jacket_frontRuth Bell Graham: Celebrating An Extraordinary Life --- With the recent death of Ruth Bell Graham (wife of Billy Graham), publisher Thomas Nelson has decided to reissue a project that my partner and I in Stone Table Media developed and released three years ago as A Pilgrim Journey.  This is a three-CD audio biography of Ruth, including interviews with Ruth, family members, close friends (like writers Patricia Cornwall and Jan Karon), and others.  It includes music, sound effects, readings of poetry written by Ruth, and narration by veteran newscaster and longtime Graham friend Walter Cronkite.  The product should be in stores (including Barnes and Noble) sometime in the next two weeks, but for now the original project is still available here or on Amazon.  Truly Ruth had an amazing life and is an extraordinary woman

AtcotumainbAdmiral Twin: The Center of the Universe --- The Pop Collective, the record label my partners and I founded, will release it's second full-length recording on September 18th.  Here's what the press copy says about these boys: "Admiral Twin is an alternative pop-rock trio that hails from Tulsa, OK and is well known for their harmony-infused, three-minute rock explosions and eccentric pop experimentation. The band has built a large and loyal following with four previous independent releases. The Center of the Universe is their first release with The Pop Collective and features the singles “In My Veins” and “Good as Gold,” with a sound that ranges from Fountains of Wayne to The Beatles to Cheap Trick."  OK, so that's a little hype but, honestly, these Oklahoma boys are good.  You can read the promo one-sheet Admiral Twin Hype, visit the band's website here, or watch the website of The Pop Collective for further details.  But just to tease you, here's a full-length MP3 of "In My Veins" from the upcoming release: In My Veins.

Scaheffer_2Tapestry: Edith and Francis Schaeffer & the Ministry of L'Abri --- After concluding the Ruth Bell Graham project, my partner and I launched another audio biography telling the story of Edith and Francis Schaeffer, influential founder of the L'Abri Ministry in Switzerland and now worldwide.  Last summer we conducted interviews of the Schaeffer family and L'Abri workers in Cambridge, Oxford, and Huemoz (Switzerland), and we tentatively plan to return to these places for further interviews and the gathering of photos, audio, and memorabilia in September.  Our goal is to marry a short book to the audio version of this production.  There is much to do.  You can learn more on our blog for the project here (though it sorely needs updating soon.)

And that's how I'm spending my Summer thus far.