Baby, I Can Drive My Car (On the Landscape of Loss)
The Landscape of Loss: A Review of The Place You Love Is Gone, by Melissa Holbrook Pierson

Dr. Shore Presents. . .

PodcastlogosmallMy friend and Pop Collective business partner Dr. Tony Shore (the "Dr." is an honorary title, sort of like the one Idi Amin gave himself) has produced the first installment of the Obvious Pop Podcast, 35 minutes of power-pop music from the likes of Jellyfish, Electric Light Orchestra, Fountains of Wayne, and more, with his humorous narration. I particularly like the original theme song by Ian Tanner. Give it a listen and check out his blog while you're at it here.

Tony was General Manager of my Silent Planet Records during its day, which he came to from a background in radio and label promotion. He brings some professionalism to the podcast that is sorely lacking in many homemade podcasts.

Now, maybe I'll have to get my own podcast. . . .