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A Return

While I have enjoyed the three weeks I have taken off from regular daily posts, the time has also been good for reading and thinking about the blog. First, I've been able to make a number of serious design changes and added a lot of sidebar content. For one thing, I have added to my list of Essential Reading and Essential Listening -- a tough thing to do. I mean, where do you stop? Suffice it to say that these lists are not exhaustive but are an attempt to reflect records that I listen to regularly and books that I have read more than once (or will) and regularly recommend to others.

In addition, I have added secure online ordering for my now defunct record label, Silent Planet Records. You can order the entire back catalog! Each release has a sample track you can listen to right here on the blog. While I have not finished posting all the artists' records, I'll be regularly updating this area over the next couple of weeks. It's good music, and these artists need your support.

Finally, by virtue of Evoca, if you have a microphone equipped computer, you can actually leave a verbal comment for me online. How easy is that? Very. Regardless, I hope you will regularly check out the site an comment. The "Traveler's Guide" post, which is always at top, will clue you in as to what is new.

Thanks for visiting. And stay tuned for my first new post on February 1st.