The Happy-Sad in Christmas
A Good Christmas Appeal

Woman In Line at the Grocery Store

Woman In Line At the Grocery Store

"I have become like a bird alone
on the roof." 
(Ps. 102:7b)

WomanShe said she was fine,
but she was not.
Her mouth was a tight
crease, her eyes painted but
vacant, her carefully combed
hair undercut by one stray
fiber, gray and lying on her

She is not fine.  On the
counter lies a frozen dinner,
bottle of wine, french bread: she
drops them carelessly, and
she waits.

She waits, but she is not fine.
Memories well in her mind as her
hands wrap and unwrap the strap
of her Vuitton purse clutched in
hand, a hand that doesn't know
where to rest, what to do, here
among the ruins, a bird alone.

No, she is not fine, but
blighted and withered like
grass, with no one to carry
her burden, in line like
everyone else but without
hope, with nothing but the finely-
manicured shell of her life. 

She is not fine, but
there is