(Love That Word) Propinquity
Watching and Waiting (and Sleeping)

Ubiquity, Darlene, Campaign Signs & Nakedness (But Not Necessarily in That Order)

ThinkerI haven't been able to hold a thought for more than 5 minutes today, so you get my ramblings:

  • In addition to propinquity, another word I like and seem to find many uses for is "ubiquitous."  Now that one is much easier to find a place for than "propinquity."  Starbucks are ubiquitous.  So are politicians this time of year.  Those annoying people that keep turning up around every corner are ubiquitous.  Anything existing or being anywhere and everywhere is ubiquitous.  You might say God is the big Ubiquity, as He is omnipresent.  But that might sound too casual.
  • My daughter, who is 12, asked why we wear clothes.  All I did to deserve this was ask her to pick up some clothes before going to bed.  She commented that she wished Adam and Eve hadn't messed up, because they were the reason we had to wear clothes.  It was too late for theology.  But at least she kept her clothes on.  It's more than I can say for some people.
  • I called my mother tonight and my stepfather answered.  I said Bill what did you do today?  He said nothing.  I said what are you going to do tomorrow.  He said he was going to finish what he  was doing today.  Burns my Mom up.  He's 84 and she thinks he needs to be working full-time.
  • Darlene (See "1-800-FINANCIALBLESSING," post of Oct. 11, 2006) left e a message today and said she had an answer to prayer.  Her lot rent has been paid.  Now she needs a job.  Well, I'm glad.  I still wonder who she thinks she is calling.  So who needs Benny Hinn? I'm still considering writing a story about Darlene.
  • Elections are over.  Where do old election signs go?  I'm frustrated.  It's too big for the garbage can.  Are these things recycled?  Anybody know?

I really like the title of this post.  Now that would make an interesting story: Ubiquity, Darlene, Campaign Signs, and Nakedness.  Lots of possibilities there.