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Art for God's Sake

Art_1I very recently picked up a little book for use in our church's Arts Ministry entitled Art for God's Sake, by Philip Graham Ryken.  Ryken is pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, a church formerly pastored by James Montgomery Boice.  It's the best concise (58 pages) introduction to a biblical view of the arts since Francis Scaheffer's Art and the Bible, which was first published in 1973.  In fact, Scaheffer and his mentor in arts, Hans Rookmaker, are all over this book, as he is often quoted and the work generally follows ground he already plowed.

While I still prefer the rich content and specifics of Schaeffer's book, a book in which practically every basic idea about a biblical view of the arts is documented, I like the tone and readability of Ryken's book.  Ryken is the better writer.  I particularly appreciated his attention to the artist's calling and the admonition for the church to embrace and encourage its artists, not dismiss their work as relatively unimportant.

Read Arts for God's Sake.  Then read Art and the Bible.  You'll then have most of what you need to know to form a biblical view of the arts.