Passion (A Poem in Memory of Beryl Markham)
The Desert Southwest (IV): A Holy Addiction

Creational Theology (I): Terrestrial Christianity

Clip_image002_23 "A Calvinist who seeks God, does not for a moment think of limiting himself to theology and contemplation, leaving the other sciences, as of a lower character, in the hands of unbelievers; but on the contrary, looking upon it as his task to know God in all his works, he is conscious of having been called to fathom with all the energy of his intellect, things terrestrial as well as things celestial; to open to view both the order of creation, and the 'common grace' of the God he adores, in nature and its wonderful character, in the production of human industry, in the life of mankind, in sociology and in the history of the human race."

Abraham Kuyper, in Lectures in Calvinism