The Urge for Going

Quod-li-bet: Whatever (II)

Some items to consider:

  • Thinker_1 After yesterday's post on towns in Northern California, I was surprised to see that Bridgeville, one of those towns, and the first entire town to be sold on ebay, is up for sale again.  Check out the promo here.  What kind of people buy towns?  I guess it can be the nasty kind, like Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life," but it can also be the chaitable kind, like Tom Monaghan, founder of Dominos Pizza, who is bankrolling a Catholic utopia called Ave Maria near Naples, Florida.  A daunting challenge.  Read about it here.  Heck, I just want one named after me; I don't want to buy one or create a utopia.  The problem with utopias is that people have to live in them.
  • I'm quite blown away by the Wes King Tribute, Life is Precious, especially Paul Coleman's take on "Holy Ghost," or Jane Kelly William's version of "The Love of Christ," a song Wes penned with Michael Card.  Listen to some MP3 samples here, and make a donation in order to receive the record -- it'll help Wes and his family as they battle his illness and its toll on their finances.
  • "Time" is the whole subject of a recent special issue of Scientific American magazine.  The authors ask "what is time? Physicists and philosophers have grappled with the question. So, too, have biologists and anthropologists. This special issue explores their musings."  Given my recent posts about time (gross speculations or maybe just, as they say, "musings"), I immediately picked it up.  Right now I'm reading an article about how the passing of time is just an illusion.  Right.  I guess this will be good news for the over 40 crowd.  I'll be reacting more to the articles therein later, but read it for yourself if you like.
  • Ha!  Check out this oh so true exchange between man and woman as contained on the blog site of The Crux Project:

    Holy Smokes, They ARE From Mars!

    by Kate Bluett

    ME: So how are you doing?

    HUSBAND: Huh?

    ME: What are you thinking about?

    HUSBAND: About what?

    ME: No, I want to know your position.

    HUSBAND: Spooning.

    ME: Your metaphysical position.

    HUSBAND: My metaphys... What?

    ME: I want to know where you are in life, and in relation to your goals, and what your feelings are.

    (pause for thought)

    HUSBAND: What?

And on that note of humor, we end, for now.