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Life is Precious: A Tribute to Wes King

Wes_king_tribute_banner1_1 One of Christian music's premeire singer-songwriters and guitarists, Wes King, has had a year or more of hardship.  Wes has Lymphoma, a form of cancer, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and recuperating at home outside Nashville.  In order to help Wes, his wife, and children with all the medical expenses (and lack of current income), many artists have come together to record a double-disc tribute to him, performing covers of his songs, entitled Life is Precious.

You can now pre-order Life is Precious online here.  Essentially, you give as much as you are led to give to Wes, add on $3 for shipping, and when the CD come out in February, it'll be sent to you.  Listen to some of the song samples from Phil Keaggy, Downhere, Cheri Keaggy, and Jane Kelly Williams on the site as well.  Be generous.