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Brian Wilson's Surpise

Path Last Summer I had the privilege of seeing Brian Wilson in concert at Wolftrap in Vienna, Virginia.  I was enjoying it all, of course, amazed at the incredible band, the SMILE set, and Brian's more relaxed presence (a far cry from his uptight performance the first time I saw him at UCLA in October 2002).  But then I heard a new song, a gospel song, called Walking Down the Path of Life, and was blown away.  The song (was it complete?) segued into Love and Mercy, a beautiful match for its lyrics.  Backstage, my friend asked Brian where the song came from.  He said, "God gave it to me." Naturally.  Brian released a single of it late last fall, with all the proceeds going toward Katrina relief.  Listen to these lyrics:

Walking down the path of life
I feel His presence day and night
Touch me heal me wash my sins away
Touch me heal me wash my sins away
Every night, I will pray
I'll be good, everyday
Give me hope, Hope and pray

Musically, the song hearkens back to one from the Carl and the Passions -- So Tough album released by the Beach Boys in 1972, specifically, a track called He Come Down.  The resemblance is uncanny, almost eerie, with the late Carl Wilson singing lead.  Lyrically though, it's quite a difference, as Walking is pure gospel, whereas He Come Down is a send up to TM and the Maharishi and universalism and who knows what else, thanks to Mike Love.

Get it here.