Anne Rice Comes Out of Egypt
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A Gracious Response

Clip_image002In an addendum to the earlier post today regarding Anne Rice's new book, I thought I'd give you my email to Anne Rice along with her gracious and prompt (as well as uncommon, for busy "celebrities") response.  I wrote:

Dear Anne:

I finished Christ the Lord at 3:30 a.m. this morning, a perfect preface to worship in my church today.

I am thankful for you words, both for helping the story of Jesus come alive again, and for your afterword, which detailed your coming to faith through seeking the answers to questions.  Scripture does say “seek first His kingdom, and these things will be given unto you,” and He has given unto you faith and knowledge of faith.

I suspect you and I would disagree greatly on political matters, as you might with many evangelical Christians and some Catholics.  Be encouraged.  These things won’t matter and will not divide one day, and we should be able to find unity around the one Faith without agreeing on every application of that faith.  My hope is that I can be open to learning, and even changing my mind, and, as you have said, your quest is not over either.  May we both find what is true, good and beautiful, and then embrace it.

Thanks again, and rich blessings,

Steve West

Anne wrote: 

Yours was a beautiful letter and I can't agree with you more: there is so much that unites us, so much evidence that love will save the world, and that faith in Christ is unifying and crucial and beautiful, and what we must all share.  I get hundreds of letters from fellow Christians and it is a great inspiration that so many are filled with pure love, regardless of the background of the one who is writing.  Thank you for affirming all this for me.  Take care and be well, Anne.