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  • Welcome to OutWalking, a likely over-ambitious source of reflection on the true, the good, and the beautiful in the world. (more). . .

Current Reading

Christmas Listening

  •  - December in Vermont

    December in Vermont
    : December in Vermont

    A wonderful singer-songwriter, Zeigler's folky, mellow renditions of carols and originals is warm and intimate, kind of like listening to a female James Taylor.

  • Jason Gray -

    Jason Gray: Christmas Stories: Repeat the Sounding Joy
    Original, upbeat, worshipful, melodic, this album manages to be original while still invoking the memory of more traditional Christmas carols.

  • Mindy Smith -

    Mindy Smith: My Holiday
    One of the few good new offerings this Christmas, this release mixes six originals and arrangements of traditonal songs, ranging from homespun acoustic numbers to jazzier takes. Nice.

  • Rosie Thomas - A Very Rosie Christmas

    A Very Rosie Christmas
    Rosie Thomas: A Very Rosie Christmas

    Touching, diverse, and fun, Rosie Thomas and her nutty alter ego Sheila Shaputo are a delight. Last seen on the Christmas tour by Sufjan Stevens in 2012. I love this record, and the vignette at the end (Sheila a/k/a Rosie) is classic.

  • Sufjan Stevens -

    Sufjan Stevens: Songs for Christmas (Vol. 1-5)
    Like a campfire sing-a-long, only with hymns and carols and some originals, Sufjan's quirky, inimitable style is one I love, and when I listen to these five discs I am moved to worship (and occasionally laugh).

  • Sufjan Stevens -

    Sufjan Stevens: Silver & Gold (Songs for Christmas, Vol. 6-10)
    A wonderful follow-up to his Songs for Christmas Vol. 1-5, this additional five-disc collection is full of more riches (and some throwaways, of course), including the very (as my family agree) depressing but beautiful "Justice Delivers Its Death" (a/k/a "Silver and Gold") and the lengthy and fun "The Christmas Unicorn."

Christmas Reading