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Saturday, June 24, 2017


About OutWalking

  • Welcome to OutWalking, a likely over-ambitious source of reflection on the true, the good, and the beautiful in the world. (more). . .

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Current Listening

  • MOJAVE 3 -

    MOJAVE 3: Spoon & Rafter
    Shoe-gazer rock, mellow and melodic, Mohave 3 simply carves out beautiful Brit-rock.

  • Raspberries -

    Raspberries: Pop Art Live (2 CD)
    Better than the Live on the Sunset Strip recording, this is an amazing set of songs from a short-lives band that produced some memorable songs.

  • Adam Again -

    Adam Again: Dig
    This classic CCM (a term that really doesn't fit) release features two haunting songs by the late Gene Eugene, "Worldwide," and "River on Fire." I never tire of them.

  • Brian Wilson -

    Brian Wilson: No Pier Pressure [Deluxe Edition]
    This last solo effort from Wilson is a good Summer-feeling album of songs, helped along by his association with a great band and younger vocalists. It works!